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Courseware Assurance

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Courseware Assurance
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About Courseware Assurance

The Courseware Assurance Program is available to all Velsoft and adjunct site customers, past and present. The program allows our customers to purchase a product update-and-warranty service for a monthly fee. Participation entitles the participant to at least one new Courseware title per month. So, as our library grows, yours can to.

Courseware Assurance offers:
  • two new courses each month (this is $12,000 worth of training materials);
  • access to our new Course Compiler tool (;
  • an extra level of support;
  • any updates and enhancements to the materials you purchased (we are always improving the materials);
  • free bonus activities, courses and downloads;
  • free access to a library of stock training images to use in your training materials;
  • disaster recovery;
  • online access to all the materials 24/7;
Courseware Assurance